Divaz Raise Funds for “Women of World War II” Exhibit at Farragut State Park

From the Idaho Parks and recreation page: "ATHOL, ID (Sunday, May 28, 2017):
"Farragut State Park’s Museum at the Brig will be joining with a Coeur D’ Alene Idaho women’s organization, the Blazin’ Divas, to present an all new exhibit called “Women of World War II” on Sunday, May 28, 2017.

Each year, the Blazin’ Diva’s raise funds to support a cause or action that will benefit the women of our area. Last year they worked with Farragut Park Ranger Errin Bair to come up with an idea for the Museum at the Brig. They wanted something that would honor the women who volunteered their time and served our country during the war.

["Being able to help with a display that brings that history forward and for the community to appreciate, it's a value to young and old alike," Parmann said. "We're extremely excited."

Bair has been working at Farragut for 14 years and is in charge of the museum exhibits. She was excited to accept the donation to get this project off the ground.

“Putting together this exhibit led us to change multiple exhibits at the museum and basically give the whole place a freshening up”, Bair said, “We love the fact that each year we are able to have new exhibits and displays for our visitors to see; nothing stays stagnant. This year, with the help of the Blazin’ Divas, we are able to honor those women who worked at Farragut in the hospital, administration, and many other jobs and we are also able to show people just how much this country came together in a time of need.”"


The new Women of World War II Exhibit - John, and Julia with Park Ranger Errin Bair
Diva Diane, who coordinated efforts between the Blazen Divaz and Farragut Park

Diva Diane, who coordinated efforts between the Blazen Divaz and Farragut Park